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Our Location

Since we first created our website, The Filter Factory has undergone many changes. Firstly, we have moved. We had a very successful decade at our Carpinteria location, but in 2004 it became evident that we had outgrown our current factory space. We relocated to Lompoc, where we have our own 10,000 square foot building. Our building also has a mezzanine of nearly 5,000 feet, so we have ample room for both production and material storage. The building is also fully equipped to handle whatever power needs we may have with our machinery.

Our Machines

Speaking of machines, we have a wide array of band saws, notchers, shears, roll formers, presses, and corrugators within our machine shop. We also have five metal expanders and one foil expander. All of these make it possible for us to make the majority of the components for our filters from the most basic of materials (i.e. sheet metal, aluminum or steel coil), and therefore save on material costs. More recently we have acquired two machines that will allow us to offer a wider variety of filter media types with significantly shorter lead times and more cost effective prices. Our Chandler Pleater can pleat cellulose or screen medias up to 48” wide from .625” to 2.5”. Our newest addition, a Solent Pleater can pleat from .75” up to 6.0” of the high efficiency glass media used in HEPA filters. Prior to our purchase of this machine, all our HEPA packs had to come all the way from the east coast and often had long lead-times due to the high demand on that supplier.

Quality Control

Although it is nice to be able to say we have machines and the ability to make filters and media, we also realized quality control is a concern with a good portion of our major customers supplying machines to government entities. In efforts to guarantee quality, we have acquired two air flow tunnels and a laser particle counter (on loan from Particle Measuring Systems). We also have a designated QC Lab and quality control procedures (for those of you interested in paperwork).

Order History

Something that is not necessarily “new,” is our computer records; they go all the way back to the beginning of The Filter Factory. A new twist on this is that we also have the full ALFCO database and what there is of the Air Filtration Products database (both closed in 2004). Because of this in many cases we can not only tell you what your company ordered ten years ago, but we can also pull the layout and therefore duplicate it, while keeping with the current quality standards. Or if you need something like before, but slightly different, we do have the capability to help in the design of the filter so that it is the same, but better.



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