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Rangehood/Grease Air Filters

Rangehood Filters


Rangehood/Grease Air Filters spacer

The Filter Factory's line of Rangehood or Grease filters includes the following filters used above or around range tops to prevent grease and spatter from entering the fan.


Foilx Filters
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  General Description
FOILX air filters are composed of aluminum foil that has been slit and expanded. The filtration media for this filter consists of either flat expanded foil or layers of corrugated expanded foil, depending on frame thickness. The face grids are expanded aluminum.
SW/SWX Filters
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  General Description
SW and SWX filtration media is either flat or corrugated wire cloth. SW is made up of all woven aluminum wire. SWX is made up of face grids of expanded aluminum and inner layer of woven aluminum wire.
Exmet Filters
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  General Description
EXMET filtration media consists of layers of slit and expanded aluminum. Inner layers are flat or corrugated grids of expanded aluminum. Face grids are heavy expanded aluminum. Frame is aluminum channel.
Carbx Filters
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  General Description
CARBX filters have filtration media which is composed of two parts. A coated non-woven polyester media which has an inherent captive capillary effect for particles and an activated carbon surface area exposure for maximum adsorption efficiency. The media is encapsulated by expanded aluminum face grids and an aluminum frame.



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