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INDX media consists of layers of corrugated wire cloth with face grids of expanded galvanized steel. They have either an aluminum or steel miter cornered channel frame.

INDX-A: Aluminum model
INDX-S: Steel model


  The INDX is a roughing filter, which removes the large contaminates from the air stream and to protect more expensive high efficiency filters. They are designed to have durable features and low resistance filtration media that lasts for years. These filters are also effective in grease removal such as commercial environments where cooking oils and grease create problems with flammable deposits in air exhaust systems. The INDX filters are made for applications where frequent cleanings are required and are available in either galvanized steel or aluminum constructions.
Frame:   16ga. Galvanized Steel or .04 Aluminum
Closure:   1 - 2 Steel blind rivets or 1 - 2 aluminum blind rivets
Filtration Media:   Multiple layers corrugated woven wire
Face Grids:   Slit and expanded galvanized steel
Tolerances:   Length 1/16, width 1/16, thickness 1/32
Thicknesses   1/2, 7/8, 1 3/4
(only available in these standard depths)
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