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HEPAX Filters - Cabin Air Filtration
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HEPAX air filters are a minimum of 99.97% efficient on .3 micron particles unless otherwise specified by the customer. The filtration media for these filters is micro glass fiber media. The filters are constructed in the minipleat design. We are not building filters with aluminum separators between the pleats. The frame material available for these filters is steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood. HEPAX is available in a variety of thicknesses determined by application. Gasket is usually neoprene, but is also available in IV2. Filters may be pressure tested and we also offer efficiency testing.

  The HEPAX is for applications where tolerances require cleanliness at the submicronic level. Traditionally the HEPA filter has been thought of as used in clean rooms and laminar flow benches, but over the years this level of cleanliness have been the backbone of much of the most advanced technology. All hard disk drives have a HEPA in them. Most laser equipment has HEPA’s in them. Even vacuum cleaners boast HEPA filtration systems. They can be used in almost any application and where the cleanliness of the air source can improve the reliability and/or the accuracy of the product or process.
Frame: 26 ga. Galvanized Steel, .025 and .040 3003H14 Aluminum, ABS Plastic or Wood
Closure: Aluminum or steel blind rivet, staples, or solvent bonding
Filtration Media: Micro Glass Fiber in latex binder paper
Face Grids If requested: slit and expanded aluminum
  Length ± 1/16, width ± 1/16, thickness ± 1/32 (closer tolerances may be available)
Potting: Urethane and other proprietary adhesives
Gasketing:   Neoprene and IV2
  (Available upon request for aluminum frame)
Chemical Film, Clear or Gold Irridite, and Clear or Black Anodize
  Air flow and resistance information will be determined after filter design.
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