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Electx - Furnace/HVAC Air Filtration
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The ELECTRX is designed to be the filter you depend on for years of service. We build this filter with heavy-duty frame and face grids to provide protection from frequent cleanings. The business end of this filter is made of multiple layers of either reticulated foam or random fiber polyester and antimicrobial polypropylene. These combinations offer the highest static electric charge possible for this type of media construction.

  ELECTRX filters are used in environments where pollen or dust tend to be a problem. The low resistance to airflow and increased efficiency makes this filter is an excellent choice for residential applications. The ELECTRX filter has increased efficiency because it does not depend on strictly the mechanical method of particulate control. Its dissimilar plastic medias create a static charge that enhances the filter’s ability to trap and hold dust. This filter is built to withstand years of cleaning.
Frame:   .040 Aluminum
Closure:   1 – 2 Aluminum rivets
Filtration Media:   Random fiber polyester, reticulated foam, antimicrobial polypropylene
Face Grids:   Slit and expanded aluminum
Tolerances:   Length ± 1/16, width ± 1/16, thickness ± 1/32
Thicknesses   1/2, 7/8, 1 3/4
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