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Combx Cabin Air Filtration
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The COMBX is designed to fit your application in a variety of materials. We offer a wide selection of bonding materials and frame materials. The filter media is typically made up of three layers of particulate and odor filtration medias, most often a combination of laminated medias. These can be our standard webbing with carbon granules and electret or we can use HEPA media or we can use a tuned carbon media.

  COMBX filters are found where machine operators not only need protection from the hostile environments, but also require comfort to perform their daily work. This filter is usually found inside the cabin of their truck or tractor and offers filtration of not only particulate contamination but odors as well.
Frame:   Steel, Aluminum or Plastic
Closure:   Solvent bonding or Rivets
Filtration Media:   Webbing, Carbon Granules, Electret, Cellulose, HEPA media
Tolerances:   Length ± 1/16, width ± 1/16, thickness ± 1/32
Gasket:   Close cell neoprene with PSA one side
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