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Combx Cabin Air Filtration
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The CELLX is designed to fit your application in a variety of materials. We offer a wide selection of bonding materials and frame materials. The filtration media is cellulose paper, which comes in a large range of efficiencies and resistances. You define shape, size, efficiency, and \or pressure drop. We can help you a little or a lot depending on your comfort with the engineering process.

  CELLX filters are found in environments where machine operators need protection from the hostile environments their equipment is built to work in. This filter is built to withstand the rough handling associated with frequent inspection and cleaning. A definite advantage of this filter is the flexibility in size, shape efficiency and pressure that we are able to offer.
Frame:   Galvanized Steel, Aluminum or Plastic
Closure:   Solvent bonding or Rivets
Filtration Media:   Vinyl Acetate Cellulose Paper Pleats
Face Grids:   Slit and expanded galvanized steel
Tolerances:   Length ± 1/16, width ± 1/16, thickness ± 1/32
Gasket:   Close cell neoprene with PSA one side
Frazier Permeability:   84 CFM
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